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In the year of 2003, Raj Kumar is a full-time lover of car racing and visualizing the future. He is from a humble origin from a village in Bangalore where his father was always dreaming about ways to make his son reach the top level in life. In college, he met an ambitious girl Anjali who was equally obsessed with her studies and longed for a financially sound family into which she too would marry into one day. Their rare compatibility led them to fall in love, yet their class differences seemed like a barrier that could never be crossed. One day, when Raj wanted to take Anjali home after college, she was hesitant about the idea of meeting his family because she knew how poor they were. Bangalore Days movie with english subtitles download kickass utorrent However, Raj's dreams and ambitions led him to choose a life where he would leave his village and move to the city in order to chase after his career. He decided that he would come back for her when he was ready to settle down into a suitable job that could support him and his family. So, when he came back to see Anjali marry into a rich man's family, he saw her for the first time since she had gotten married. But things were not the same as before and they were strangers to each other. She was now happy and comfortable with her life in the city and had forgotten all about Raj. So much so that Raj also decided to marry and settle down in a city where he too could pursue his career in cinematography. One day, just after Anjali's marriage which was supposed to be followed by Raj's visit to visit her, they both got into an accident on their respective ways back home.


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